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    Ilona Za Kuzniatsova (b. 1987) is a mixed media artist of Belarusian heritage working across a range of media, including painting, drawing, embroidery and installation. She graduated magna cum laude with both BA and MA degrees at the Moscow Art and Culture University. Currently based in Cyprus Ilona has been living in different countries and travelling for the last 8 years. The experience of leaving her homeland because of dictatorship and a nomadic lifestyle influenced Ilona’s art practice, helped her to get to know different cultures and better understand herself. Ilona’s works explore issues of self-identification, migration, climate change, and ecofeminism. A founder of the Paphos women’s artists community, Ilona helps local artists to promote their art in Cyprus and abroad. Ilona gives artist-talks and lectures in venues across Cyprus and regularly exhibits in solo and group shows.

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