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Inside Out

  I was born with a tumour in my neck a year after the Chernobyl disaster. The doctor`s forecasts were not favourable and they decided to wait until the baby gets a little stronger, meanwhile, my mother was thinking about what kind of dress she would bury me in. Four months later I was operated on. During the surgery, my facial nerves were damaged, which changed the shape of the eye. My pupils still react differently to light. But I survived and that was the most important thing.

  I was a silent, thin child who frequented hospitals.  As a teenager, I had complexes and wore bangs. Since childhood, I’ve lived with the feeling of the finiteness of life. But this feeling helped me appreciate my life even more.

  I decided to transform all the unique characteristics of my body into a character. It helped me to take a positive look at myself and different events in my life.

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